An Amsterdam of a Good Time, oh and Happy Birthday to this pink and green mess of a blog

I seem to be on a mission to take as many long weekend as possible as I have Brussels, Stockholm, Hyeres, Antwerp, more Paris, and Barcelona lined up over the next few months.  Tonight, I depart for Amsterdam and won’t be back until Sunday.  When I say this visit will be completely NON-fashion related, I mean it well and truly.  The fact that my bag is well and truly stuffed with no room for purchases of any kind is a good indication.  It will be jolly, boisterous and a bit mad partying with my work chums. 

Alas, without any blog posts set up on auto-post (like the goody two shoes blogger I usually am when I go on holiday), you might loll around this blog looking bored and confused.  We’ll see if I can coherently do some blogging whilst I’m over there.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, do what I do, and click back over the archives and read all the drivel garble I have written because yes – it has actually been ONE WHOLE YEAR

Ironic, that it’s Style Bubble’s 1st birthday and I’m off jaunting to Amsterdam with no intention of blogging whatsoever.  Never fear, it’s not me tiring of blogging but blogging tiring me.  A few days of some well-earned chillaxing will put me straight into blog overdrive come Monday.  You wait and see…..   

P.S. By the by, if someone out there is uber generous, please celebrate Style Bubble’s anniversary by sending me this Alaia outfit from his a/w07 collection.  I don’t ask too much right?  Oh well, worth a shot…  there are two kinds of people.  Those that WANT Alaia and those that don’t.  I’m the former and want forces me to do crazy things. 

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish you all the best for the future and more inspiring posts, of which I am pretty sure they’ll continue to pop out!
    Have fun in Amsterdam and enjoy your party break! Will miss your posts – but I can wait! hope you’ll enjoy your trip and don’t think too much about us fashion-nerds.

  2. Wow a year, doesn’t time fly when your having fun! Congrats and keep up the good work, its reading your blog that keeps me sane … among other things.

  3. hi there is a nice party in amsterdam me and friends give it’s called Piv( Would be great if you come by and party with us tomorrow! mail me for guestlist! hope you come by! CU

  4. 1 year!! yeah! Congrats =D
    Have fun in Amsterdam, maybe I will see you walking around somewhere, because I’m studying in Amsterdam 😉

  5. amsterdam is MADE for not blogging, dear! if you blog whilst away, you’re not enjoying yourself in the partying-est city on the continent. 🙂
    i’m going there myself in about 6 weeks (my 3rd time…:P). if you like belgian beer (MMM, belgian beer!) i highly recommend cafe belgique:
    a review of it is the first one on this page as well:
    just a hop/skip/jump from centraal station.
    i’m drooling just thinking about it!
    enjoy your break, don’t party TOO hard!

  6. Ohh you’re so lucky to be able to travel around Europe on long weekends!
    Happy birthday!
    P.S. Do you want to swap links with my fashion blog?

  7. Congratulations from Montr√©al! Only one year old?! Look how much you’ve grown…
    Best wishes for another great year of perfectly palatable postings!

  8. Bubble,
    I hope you hit some blues joints and smoky dens and drink thick and green things and have experiences non-pareils. I think this is a rather large order, but have faith that you are a person that can fill it with ease.
    Sans Serif,
    PS Like your blog

  9. Happy Birthday! And enjoy your trip to Amsterdam!Hope you’ll come up with some streetstyle pics afterwards!:)

  10. Have a lovely time here in Amsterdam, Susie. I am so sorry about the rain, rain and more rain… maybe more luck tomorrow! I do hope you will have a some time left for a couple of pics or a bit of shopping, I would like to see Amsterdam through your eyes!

  11. woohoo! happy 1 year birthday to stylebubble! I will go back and read the old posts because I’ve only found this blog in the past few months, now i check it daily.
    Have fun in Amsterdam and get in your well earned chillaxing. The first picture of the bridge is beautiful!

  12. Ah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this lovely blog! Have a great time in Amsterdam Susie, and don’t you bother with blogging while you’re there- do go out and have fun. Meanwhile, we’ll just do a Susie retrospective, hehe..

  13. hi susie, feel free to visit our school shop ´the individuals´ on Spui!
    It´s a little bit high costs for the garments, next delivery is going to be fabulous! Maybe i´ll see you around!
    Have a great time!
    Amber sophie.

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