Self Service magazine, I think has captured a new breed of ‘star style’ that is extremely appealing to me, a person who pretty much despises the whole concept of star style.  Actually, it’s not a new breed across the board but mainly concentrated within – where else but – France!  These young French starlets encapsulate ‘insouciance and chic, brut and ambrosial’ (Self Service’s words, not mine but ever so eloquent, non?) in these seemingly haphazard polaroids and to be honest, they makes me a cringe a little at the Girls Alouds, the Paris Hiltons and basically all the people who lack subtlety, taste or tact.  Francophile, I’m not, but there is no denying admirable style spirit and if I have to somehow fit in with our celeb-obsessed society, then let me look up to these women. 

Clémence Poésy, 24 in Chloe // Ludivine Sagnier, 27 in Louis Vuitton

Laura Smet, 23 in Balenciaga // Roxane Mesquida, 24 in Prada

Mélanie Laurent, 23 in Yves Saint Laurent // Sara Forestier, 20 in Emanuel Ungaro

‘Pile it on, pile it on.’  If I do it with clothes, I’m surely going to do it with necklaces too.  For some peculiar, non-seasonal, completely out-of-the-blue reason, I seem to be taking to my pearls again.  Proof that ‘IN/OUT’ lists mean zilch to me.  A practical reason for the excessive neckage is of course, I’m wearing a jersey tank top that has seen better days and that also applies to grotty rotty t-shirt and greying sweatshirt.  Actually the grottier the top is, the better really.

Pearl Lowe is probably not terribly well-known outside the US other than being the mother of Daisy Lowe, (who is making a bit of a name for herself as a ‘normal’ sized model), love child of Gavin Rosendale which caused a bit of a hoo-ha a while back.  She may also be known as long time partner of Danny Goffey, the band Supergrass.  She now wants to be known for her penchant for lace – yards and yards of it.  Her range of lace dresses, which is has been working on since 2001, is apparently selling out at London boutique The Cross yet as sweet and pretty as they are, I can’t help but wonder whether a hardcore vintage/thrifter could not find something similar for a lot less(?)  I like the vintage references.  I like the ‘little girl’ quality about them.  I’ve yet to see them in person, and it could well be that they are the most fantastic lace dresses on the planet but I do baulk a bit at the ¬£200 upwards price tag…

Perhaps for me, I just don’t want to pay too much to look ‘adorable’ and ‘doll-like’. 


So there we have it. Let’s end the rumour mill. Hedi Slimane will indeed be leaving Dior Homme and his replacement is the Belgian designer, Kris Van Assche. This probably won’t be such a surprise for most but what I’m interested in is whether Dior Homme fans are loyal to Dior Homme or to Mr Slimane. I’m thinking it may be the latter and looking at some of these 10 rules of style according to Kris Van Assche in the April issue of Details, surely we can expect some dramatic changes at Dior Homme which begs the question – will you guys follow Dior Homme or go with Slimane to his pastures new?   

‘Jeans aren’t my thing. My version of jeans are baggy black pants.’

Oh my lord, could it be I may never have to witness two guys battling it out during sales over a pair of Dior Homme jeans?

‘The Belle Epoque was such a stylish time for men – it was all about bow ties and hats. You can’t go back to that but you can draw inspiration from it.’

Well, makes an elegant change from the London underground rock scene.

‘If you asked me a year ago which colour I would never use, I would have said yellow. But the inspiration of my spring show had a slight eighties feel – American Gigolo – so there was a lot of yellow and red. Never say never.’

By jove, there may be COLOUR!

‘Jonny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are the coolest couple on Earth. He’s the only guy who can make funny glasses look cool.’

A far cry from Slimane’s admiration/obsession with Pete Doherty but there you go, different folks, different strokes!