Wearing 1988

Wearing 1988

My laundry room can be a funny little place where one can find some funny little things.  Stuck in an old pile or unsorted laundry was this funny t-shirt that I *think* belonged to my mother in the 80’s but I can’t be sure.  It must have been great fun designing these garish shockers, looking at my mother’s collection of 80’s t-shirts.  The design brief was probably ‘Go crazy with your felt tip pens and see how many colours you can fit on one shirt!’.

But look at the woman on the shirt.  When I saw this photo of an Elle photoshoot in 1988 in the current issue (they were highlighting the comeback of the ‘sexy 80’s’ look, the woman there reminded me of the woman on this shirt – all perfectly coiffed and made up complete with power brows and a haughty gaze.  I definitely think it’s something that’s slowly coming back in vogue again – especially when you look at models like Hilary Rhoda.  Even so me thinks I’m better off wearing this woman than attempting to emulate this woman.   


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  1. sherrry

    2006-09-07 at 1:01 AM

    oh wow, i really really like that shirt. awesome.

  2. cosmocat

    2006-09-07 at 11:43 AM

    I really like the top, but dislike that ‘sexy 80s’ look as you put it. In fact, you just managed to show me why I’m not loving Hilary Rhoda

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