This new Nylon cover with Jason Schwartzman and KIrsten Dunst really reminds me of how Japanese couples pose in Japanese fashion magazines.  Non-tactile, quite cold and rigid.  Somehow though it works here and with the grey grandad styling on Jason and dandy-ish outfit on Kirsten they both look nochalently cool.   Or it could be they are both naturally cool people who exude coolness.  Either way, there’s a whole lot of coolness going on. 

The issue hasn’t hit the newstands yet and again will be available online to read for free soon.   Free is always good but a copy in my hand so that I can tear up the pages for inspiration is better. 

Glad to see that grey is sticking around for a bit.  Though for me, grey is not just for one season, it’s for life. 
Pics taken at the Unconditional S/S07 show. 

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to the Manish Arora SS07 show last night.  Overly colourful, shiny and kitsch-esque designs swirling around all mixed up is not really my cup of tea but nonetheless I was intrigued.  When the show started however, I suddenly got why a catwalk show can seduce even the harshest naysayers.  Case in point, a dress covered in sequinned birds and tiger stripes would have normally sent me crying help for the assult on my eyesight. 
However, with the perfectly co-ordinated music, bright lights and a close up view (well second row is pretty close-up ish) coupled with flawlessly eccentric makeup and the models’ natural swagger (note to self: must strut hips), I felt enthusiasm and admiration for Arora’s work even though it’s nothing I would wear personally.  Is this the purpose of shows?  As well as being live adverts, are they there to seduce and lull the audience into a false sense of security before quickly being brought straight back down the earth when you see the clothing itelf static in stores?  It does also have something to do with seeing clothes in person as opposed to staring at low-res pics on that illicits a more positive view.  Perhaps my childish giddiness at the experience of London Fashion Wekk has me getting enthusiastic anything and everything.  It’s almost as if a show purges my fashion bitchiness. 
So Manish Arora may be a little tacky, with too much kitsch and glitz but it is in a sea of minimal/clean collections, unashamedly colourful and even though the references to Arora’s own culture is a less than glaring, you sort of have to respect him for wanting his clothes to stare back at you.

Pics from a mixture of Yahoo, my own personal photos and Telegraph

Here is a pic I snapped of the back of Telegraph fashion director Hilary Alexander at the Unconditional show this morning.  She looked decidedly youthful in her cute crochet black cloche and orange print 70’s dress.  She sat down in the last two minutes before the show started.  It made me wonder whether I would be so avidly into fashion when I reach Hilary’s age of 50 something.  Will I rush to get to shows, await avidly for runway pics to turn up on the internet (or whatever fandangled futuristic system I’ll be using).  I realise that Hilary is a fashion professional but still, I was suprised to see her show up so enthusiastically at a relatively low-profile label show that was first thing in the morning.  I get scared that I may never be eternal fashion-obsessives like Ms. Alexander and the day will come that I realise I don’t give a damn about the latest trends, catwalk happenings, newest designers.  It’s not about becoming a fashion insider but rather maintaining that enthusiasm and passion for seeing fashion tread and re-tread.  Perhaps because I’m so obsessed right now, that in as little as a few years time, I may have a fashion ‘burn-out’ moment.  Now THAT is scary!