I thought LFW would be the perfect hunting ground for taking great Bubble Cam pictures.  Finding stylish people isn’t the problem.  Getting them to agree to have their picture taken is.  It seems if you’re not holding a pro-looking SLR camera with a flashy photographers pass around your neck, London’s fashionistas just don’t wanna know. 

I did a secret snap of this lady before the Berube show because in the sea of permatan, ironed out hair babes (I think Berube did a ticket giveaway promotion with some magazine), she stood out a a lot.  You can’t tell, but I loved her loose ish cream skirt that had suspenders and they way she’s wearing shoes that could really be men’s shoes.  However I was most impressed with her paisley footless tights because I’m feeling just a little bit jaded by the black footless tight epidemic thats been hitting London. Question is, did she buy them like that or did she cut up paisley tights and where does one find paisley tights?


I’m personally not a fan of t-shirts with witty/funny slogans.  Those ‘Team Angelina/Aniston’ t-shirts? Horrible.  T-shirts emblazoned with things like ‘I’m a Bitch’ or anything similar don’t impress me at all and really says a lot about the person wearing it!

Coinciding with fashion week however, House of Holland have come up with a collection of Fashion Groupies t-shirts which I think are going to be a big hit with the London fashion pack who like their clothes a bit ironic.  With slogans like ‘Cause me pain, Hedi Slimane’ and ‘Do me daily, Christopher Baily’, they’re not really for the wallflowers of the world.  As for me, I wouldn’t wear one out but seeing the Ageness Deyn playing up in them does make me chuckle. 

Giles Deacon wore the Gareth Pugh shirt when he walked out onto the catwalk at his S/S07 show last night.  I’m waiting for a cute picture of the lot of them wearing each other’s shirts to surface any day now.  I’m only sorry Roland Mouret didn’t get a shirt either as Mouret, Deacon and Bailey are often seen hanging out together in London. 

In the UK, there’s always a ‘hit’ high street dress every season.  It’s usually a catwalk knock off that gets pimped out by all the glossies and weeklies (Now, Heat, Grazia etc) so much so that immedisately, it’s picked up by the eBay evilies and they then buy out all the dresses and promptly put them on eBay for twice the price making people believe they are buying the real thing. 

Well this season, it’s Marks & Spencer who have got the high street ‘IT’ dress with a gold sequinned number that is a combination of the YSL dress and the Burberry Prorsum dress that Sienna Miller wore to the Costume Insititute Gala in New York.  Now you guys had a pretty mixed reaction towards the gold but it’s no use – I’m still feeling very magpie-ish.  I just love the idea of wearing this with something completely non-flashy like chunky wool or masculine looking grey jersey. 

If you too are having a magpie moment, then you can pre-order this dress from the Marks & Spencer website for £110.  The dress arrives in November – get there before the eBay devilspawn do.  Note, M&S sizing is generous! 

This new Nylon cover with Jason Schwartzman and KIrsten Dunst really reminds me of how Japanese couples pose in Japanese fashion magazines.  Non-tactile, quite cold and rigid.  Somehow though it works here and with the grey grandad styling on Jason and dandy-ish outfit on Kirsten they both look nochalently cool.   Or it could be they are both naturally cool people who exude coolness.  Either way, there’s a whole lot of coolness going on. 

The issue hasn’t hit the newstands yet and again will be available online to read for free soon.   Free is always good but a copy in my hand so that I can tear up the pages for inspiration is better.