Skirt over skirt over skirt…..

Let the layering games begin!  So, you might have guessed that I’m into layering in a BIG way and it being a trend this winter just gives me an excuse to blab on about it even more.  I showed you my multicoloured, multipatterned box of skirts but what I have been doing a lot lately is layering them over each other because wearing one is just not enough and because I like putting together and constrasting different colours, patterns and textures. 

It’s a fab way of putting two different shapes together like A-line over straight, puff over pencil to produce some wacky effects or if you wanna play it safe, you could put two similarly shaped skirts together so that one peeks out subtly.  It’s also really fun to play with different combinations of colour just to see what you stumble upon.  Just by taking a few photos, I’ve found I really like brown stripes with the yellow silk – a collision of casual and dressy, of preppy and lux.  Hope you guys have fun playing around with skirt combos as well! 

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  1. I’ve just discovered your blog and love it!! i have some really wack skirts i cannot wait to try this with. i love the cardigan backwards idea as well. love from NYC.

  2. What was that all about?! ^^^ Stupid Junk Stuff.
    Yeah, I’m very much liking this idea, but I must say that I just don’t own enough skirts that I could really do this with! Rather tragic, really! By the way, I tried out the whole cardigan thing yesterday, and I must say that I very much liked how it looked. I even got a few compliments about it!

  3. I like the brown and yellow combi too, plus the blue and the gold skirt and the second one from the left (at the top). 🙂 I don’t have many skirts, but I definetly gonna experiment with them!

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