Shop Watch #1 The Dispensary

Bubble cam-ing isn’t going too well but I’ve devised a new way to bring you guys some streetstyle.  Every week, I’ll traipse to a shop, boutique and drag some poor unknowing soul to have their pic taken and ask them a few questions about their style.  This should also be a good way of building up a compendium of cool stores in London.  Should be simple for me, given that i’m in and out of shops all the time and always admiring some cool person working there.

First stop, one of the most established boutiques in London – The Dispensary.  I have fond memories of The Dispensary since technically, it was my first London ’boutique’ experience and where I’ve bought quite a few lovely items.  It also has a branch in Notting Hill but since I have a distaste for the West side, I tend to stick to the Soho branch.  I just love the variety of labels they stock and the way they mix and change it all the time.  Bi La Li is one of their staples and at the moment, they have some very pretty pieces by Mine and Dispensary’s own line of clothing.

The DispensarySoho Branch 9 Newburgh Street, London W1F 7RL Tel: 0207 287 8145, Notting Hill Branch 25 Pembridge Road, London W11 3HG Tel: 0207 221 9290

Charlene, 36, has been working at the Dispensary for 4 years

Wearing a Maria Bonita dress, leggings, Converse

Personal Style:  "I wear quite a lot of vintage, quite a lot of boyish clothes.  I tend to wear a lot of big boy’s baggy trousers and shirts." 

Favourite Designers:  "At the moment, I love Maria Bonita.  I love old style Levi’s jeans, with the references to men’s workwear jeans, with the pleats.  I love Bi La Li.  I love Mine as well.  She’s got a really nice a/w collection."      

On vintage in the Dispensary "I like the fact we stock vintage now.  I personally like the 30’s and 40’s styling."      

Style Icons: "Helena Christensen.  I always think she looks wonderful.  What’s that other girl?  Milla Jovovich.  I always think she looks absolutely stunning"

9 Replies to “Shop Watch #1 The Dispensary”

  1. susie i love your idea! hm..i coming to london in september so this will be helpful i think, it will give me a good idea of the coolest shops around, so that i can check them out:)

  2. hm..what about the prices though? because i am a student..well i have just graduated and looking for a job, so my financials are..not so good for a shopping maniac like me:P

  3. She looks more like 26 instead of 36!! Also susie just a thought, it might be helpful if at the top of each post you put the address of the shop! Just a thought!

  4. I’m going to London in September also so this would be a great resource as I wouldn’t even know where to begin to shop! I went to London for the first time last year and spend the whole time with my jaw open not knowing where to begin – I just ended up wandering around and around, not going in anywhere and came home with nothing except a pair of Acne jeans from Browns and a sore head from clubbing at Herbal in Shoreditch! I was just so overwhelmed by choice I couldn’t pick a starting point so just went into about 3 shops! Not this time. I’m going to be hitting those shops like some shopping ninja!

  5. DJM: Drop me an email and I will send you a very comprehensive guide to shopping in London! Since I’m gonna be doing this shop watch thing once a week, I won’t get through all the cool stores in time for your visit!

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