Midweek Birds and Bows

Midweek Birds and Bows

It’s grey, it’s miserable, it’s Wednesday, the no man’s land of the week.  I need a bit of cheer to get me through until Bank Holiday Weekend.  So I was most pleased to discover my motif of the season ‘birds’ and my eternal favourite motif ‘bows’ in this Australian accessory label 2Birds.  Based in Melbourne, designers Steffani Eagles & Vanessa Partridge (see what they’ve done there!) have created a lush line of accessories made of vintage leathers and fabrics. 

I’m especially intrigued and impressed with these Mikimoko neckpieces, for dressing up the decolletage which would look exquisitely striking over a sleek black shift dress.  It’s like jewellery combined with apparel.

If the birds on the neckpiece is not enough, these these 10cm wide brooches would make great little epaulettes on a cropped blazer if you buy two or good for fastening oversized cardigans together – could even make a feature of it by twisting the edges of the cardigan together through the pin of the brooch. 

As an forever-bow lover, I love the way the slightly distressed leather counteracts the girliness of the satin bows on these belts.

I’m also into these leather obi belts, a tougher, more wearable version than the traditional fabric ones.

Just writing this birds and bows post has cheered me up a little.  Imagine if I got my hands on something from 2Birds.  It’s not sold anywhere outside Australia but it does have an online order form from which I think you can order stuff internationally. 


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  1. Lol B

    2006-08-23 at 10:59 PM

    G’day Possum.
    Y’know I’d only be too happy to pick this stuff up and post it to you should you ever desperately want some. I’m a Melbourne girl and am around and about all the time.
    Two birds were featured in the Age recently, is that where you read about them?

  2. susie_bubble

    2006-08-23 at 11:08 PM

    Actually, it was my colleague who introduced me to the label – he’s friends with the designers!

  3. Lol B

    2006-08-24 at 5:46 AM

    Sheesh!Inside information! You really are the fashion spy!

  4. punky

    2006-08-24 at 6:24 PM

    i really really need a obi style belt, and i cant find the perfect one…thats pretty close

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