I’m bringing SexyBack

When I saw this Pringle sweater in Jane magazine being worn backwards like that, it reminded me of girls I keep seeing at gigs who do that – wear their sweaters and cardigans backwards.  I quite like the idea of having the buttons going up backwards and for me, I guess showing off the back is a whole lot more preferable to showing off my non-existent cleavage.  I also like the way the cardigan comes up quite high at the neck at front making people think you’re just wearing a high necked sweater and then surprising people when you turn around.  This could also work with sweaters that have very deep V’s.  On the charcoal cardigan because there were so many gold buttons, I fastened them up to non-matching button holes so that it kind of twisted on itself too.  If it looks a little plain from the front, adding a multi-layered dramatic necklace could work. 

(Background from paulwilloughby.com)

P.S. Excuse the cheesy title of this post – that friggin’ Justin Timberlake song has been on MTV non-stop!

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  1. I like that a lot.. people used to do it a lot in my highschool, but I never really liked it too much because they presented itin a “sarcastic” way, like “WOAH, guys, I’m wearing my cardigan backwards, I’m soooo unfashionable that I’m actually fashionable.” Now that I see it presented more artistically, I am more fond. Also, I suffer from the lack of cleavage; perhaps this look would do me good.

  2. This is such a cool idea!!! After reading this I tried on a tan cardi I bought last year. Buttoned all the way up, it looked waaay too 1940s pin-up (not school safe!), but when I left most of the back (er… front!) unbuttoned and layered a low-back tank underneath it was very loose and chic looking!! I also found that adding a wide vintage belt helped too. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! 😀

  3. I read somewhere (hope it wasn’t here!) that girls used to do that in the 1950s. I’ve never heard or seen anybody do it before but wanted to try it out since I read about it. All my cardigans don’t seem to big or to shrunken to do it properly though!

  4. i’ve tried and i can’t pull it off…but my dear you look fabulous!
    oh and that damn song is drivin me nuts.

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for a while but have never left a comment. Just want to say I think your style is amazing.!
    So yeah, just keep truckin!

  6. Oooo great idea Susie! Now when I return to NY I shall pull out any cardigan and try wearing it backwards. 😛

  7. Hello fellow Hong Konger~~
    First time commenter, long time reader.
    I LOVE this backwards cardigan look!
    Keep up the great work on your site!!

  8. Oh, come now. Why hasn’t anyone asked what brand your cardigans are?
    The gray one is especially lovely. *nudge nudge* do tell, do tell!
    It’s just too perfect. It looks stretchy, it falls just right, and sort of has that “it’s my boyfriend’s” look about it. Simple yet it brings up a lot to mind.
    I’ve been on the look out for something similar and I saw some very sheer, very light, very stretchy, very loose cardigans in target, but none in grey.
    See what you’ve done?! Now I’ll never be satisfied!

  9. Hi again, Susie! What have I done, again! Thrown out my own Paris viewpoint on Back-to-school with Back-to-front Susie…? I think there’s a kind of Madame Claud-ish edge to Back-2-front cardis, particularly the hypocritcally sexy grey ones ! XXG

  10. Wow…everyone seems to want to bring SexyBack. I’ve been seeing this look more and more in London – could very well be some teenager scenster thing……but I don’t care since I think it’s great! With the bra thing – I must confess, I do go braless a lot of the time since there’s nothing there to support but you could wear one of those low-backed bras that means the lower bit of your sweater/cardi would cover it. You could also wear a vest underneath.
    To Linda and anyone else who wanted to know:
    My grey cardigan is actually an extra small cardi from Topman – it really is super comfy! The dark charcoal one is vintage (think I stole it from my mum!).
    Scaree: You crack me up…..

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