Cobrasnake Inspiration

Though our music interest lie in the same vein, I have never really been caught up with the whole hipster scene, so I rarely ever stop by hipster/scenester heaven site, The Cobrasnake.  The fashion gets a bit samey for me and there’s only so many pictures of people pulling, what I like to call ‘MySpace’ expressions I can take.  However, the latest addition of pictures taken in London and Reading/Leeds music festival have peaked my interest in a few ways.  They feature a lot of pics of the band The Like along with hipster model, Valentine Fillol Cordier (these pics confirm what I already knew – one of the most stylish models around…..) and Kelly Osbourne all hanging out together – a bizarelly cohesive combination.

So what have I observed through my rare Cobrasnake visit?

….that I need to start applying lipstick and wearing my emerald green dress again.  Maybe even do both at the same time!

…..that I’m really loving houdstooth that isn’t the usual black and white like this burgandy neck scarf and I’m also strangely attracted to trompe d’oeil chain prints – on anything! 

……that stirrup socks and slingbacks, a certain kind of leopard print tights REALLY work and like I said before, Valentine Fillol Cordier (right) is a stunning dresser. 

…..that I really want Tennessee’s (of The Like) checked cape with butterfly buttons and I really need to build up my soft subtle metallic dress collection (one is not enough!). 

10 Replies to “Cobrasnake Inspiration”

  1. It’s that chainvest/shirt from H&M? I saw it yesterday in the store…
    And I like the beige bag (prob; Chanel), in the last picture, very much! 🙂

  2. i dunno, once you see the like in their natural habitat you can’t help but notice how generic their style (and music) really is. you could absolutely get most of their pieces at the melrose flea market – as evidenced by the fact that 80% of girls there on any given saturday are wearing identical ensembles.

  3. hey. love your blog. I´m wondering where I can get a hold of these fab stirrup socks (the brownish ones in the pic). I do not live in the uk. thanx

  4. the last metalic dress….it is the one from warehouse right?iv been craving it since i saw it two days ago

  5. hi! i am the lipstick girl and read your blog daily…so thought i would pipe up!!
    i work for a fashion label called homebody and we had valentine model our upcoming A/W collection. shall i send you some images? email? she was fab!

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