Can’t leave the house without a hat…

Probably, none of us here will remember the times when going out without a hat meant you were ‘unkempt’ and not at all a proper lady.  Personally, I’m a big hat person and love nothing more than trying on the most ridiculous ones in stores but it’s always very odd to think that what used to be such normal wardrobe attire is now considered a ‘dramatic’ look.  The other day on the 263 bus, I had on the wide brimmed black stain bow hat as shown below, and a 70-something year old lady turned to me and said ‘You look ever so lovely in your hat.  People your age don’t wear hats anymore – why is that?’ and I could only reply ‘I haven’t the foggiest idea…’.

I’m hoping that the hat will return to our wardrobes in the long term.  Caps and wooly beanies are the most common form of hat-age on the streets, then berets (which some people still think of as ‘funny’ looking) and anything beyond that is really a rare occurence.  I love how in the nude issue of Fashion156, for the hair section, their advice is simply ‘Stand out from the crowd in a head turning hat.’  It is the simplest way to adorn your hair and head (and hide bad hair days…).

This is a glimpse at my sizeable hat collection and actually, these are hats that were given or handed down to me, my mother being a venerable source of hats.  Looking at her collection and mine, I do wonder if being a ‘hat person’ is a genetic thing!

Wide Brimmed Black Hat w/ Satin Bow (my mother’s)

1920’s red hair net (gift from my sister)

Straw Hat w/ Dark Green Grograin Ribbon (the hat I had to wear at primary school)

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  1. You must have looked so cute in that 3rd hat in primary school! Each summer I dream of getting an outfit together with striped blazer and straw boater, but it never quite seems to happen. Bit late now, I guess.

  2. It’s great to know that there are other ‘hat people’ out there ๐Ÿ™‚ I have quite a collection of vintage hats (mainly sourced from charity shops) that I adore.. but I often shy away from wearing them, because they make me stick out a little too much.
    It’s a little better over here in Scotland — colder weather seems to equal more hats. Back in Australia, though, they’re not really ‘done’ – except for baseball caps (Oh, how I hate baseball caps). But I’m hoping that this recent interest in hats in mainstream fashion revives the hat! I have some gorgeous ones that will surely wow when I draw up enough courage to wear mine out! :))

  3. I love hats! I don’t have that many though, because good ones are rather hard to come by these days.
    You look so cute in the first and the last one. The straw hat actually reminds me of myself when I was around 5. We didn’t wear school uniforms at our school but I had this straw Peter Rabbit hat that I insisted on wearing whenever we got our pictures taken. That hat was the height of fashion to me back then, haha.

  4. enough already! those pics are just too cute.
    I have a great vintage pillbox hat with a veil. i have been waiting to rock it for a while but whenever i have an occasion, i chicken out. perhaps its a matter of not overdoing the rest of the outfit – more punky than foxy pencil skirt chick
    i also like those vintage feather headpieces and am on the hunt for one – if you see one . . .
    my bloke thinks you look like katie holmes . . . !?

  5. Oo gosh you really suit hats , you look beautiful in those. I wish I could wear hats but I really don’t suit them , or maybe it’s a case of like sunglasses finding a style of hat that would suit me.

  6. You know, I really love hats too, but now that I think about it, I hardly ever wear them. I have this lovely white faux-fur one that my Nanna used to wear in the forties, but I barely wear it. Maybe with winter coming up, the oppurtunity may arise!
    Btw, the first hat is absolutely wonderful on you!

  7. It’s definitely genetic lol. My dad never takes his hat off, and neither do any of my 5 brothers, plus me and my sister, nephews neices cousins. Having a hat family n people to borrow hats from is nice ๐Ÿ™‚ you never run out of hats to wear!

  8. I love hats, but I never feel comfortable wearing one indoors. I have a navy 1920s hair net/head band/who knows what? similair to your red one, though.

  9. You look adorable in those hats!I have a collection of about 50 vintage hats, but I can never seem to wear them without looking crazy.

  10. The 3rth hat reminds me of the city were I live. I live in Alkmaar (the Netherlands). Every friday morning there is a cheesemarket for the tourists. The ‘cheese-carryers’ also wear some kind of hats. Altough they have different colours ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think you wear it really nice!
    Here is a picture for you:

  11. ooo. those pictures are so cute, i wish i had a hat. actually my nose is too big to wear one but at least i could have the satisfaction of owning it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The black hat is beautiful and you have such lovely hair! Sadly, despite the rather warm climate here in SouthEast Asia, hats haven’t caught on.

  13. LOVE your hats . . . but that model for 156’s nude issue gives me the creeps. In most of the photos she looks plain skeletal, even for a model, as if she naturally carries a little more and now her bones are jutting out in protest.

  14. That is a very interesting point re the lingerie model for our zine b/c we had a nightmare casting a “runway” model instead of โ€œglamour modelโ€. most models are a tiny size 8 and being so tall it does look unnatural. if i showed you all the girls we rejected you would be amazed how skeletal they looked โ€“ some are a UK 6. this girl did actually fit the bras well as all the other models were mostly an A cup; or had no bust at all…….and looked even more scary. Check and looks at the models legs on the runway to get an idea of what we are up against!
    we are trying to make a conscious decision to shoot healthy girls, but the trend and pressure is for skinner and skinnier looks; and now they have started on the boys too! check out the Dior Homme 07 runway imagery. it is scary how skinny the boy models are. most regular male models will not fit into the Dior Homme samples on our shoots as the garments are literally 36″ chests and 28โ€ waists. Very , very tiny!
    thanks for your comments as it is important to get feedback and it is something i am desperately trying to address.
    guy editor

  15. YOU ARE SO ADORABLE IN HATS!!! omg. LUCKY! i look a wreck in almost all hats, but those all look so lovely on you… and i just wish i could have gone to school in a smart straw brim hat like that of the last photo…sigh, madeleine fantasies.

  16. I know! why dont people war hats anymore?! i LOVE hats. and it would be wounderful if they came back in style! i LOVE your black wide brimmerd hat its adorbale! and so is the net and straw one! id wear the net one.. but id need like a short haircut for that, but is CUTE!!!!
    yup so until hats come back into style, im fine being the only 16 year old at my school wearing a kickass cute hat!

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