Can't leave the house without a hat…

Probably, none of us here will remember the times when going out without a hat meant you were ‘unkempt’ and not at all a proper lady.  Personally, I’m a big hat person and love nothing more than trying on the most ridiculous ones in stores but it’s always very odd to think that what used to be such normal wardrobe attire is now considered a ‘dramatic’ look.  The other day on the 263 bus, I had on the wide brimmed black stain bow hat as shown below, and a 70-something year old lady turned to me and said ‘You look ever so lovely in your hat.  People your age don’t wear hats anymore – why is that?’ and I could only reply ‘I haven’t the foggiest idea…’.

I’m hoping that the hat will return to our wardrobes in the long term.  Caps and wooly beanies are the most common form of hat-age on the streets, then berets (which some people still think of as ‘funny’ looking) and anything beyond that is really a rare occurence.  I love how in the nude issue of Fashion156, for the hair section, their advice is simply ‘Stand out from the crowd in a head turning hat.’  It is the simplest way to adorn your hair and head (and hide bad hair days…).

This is a glimpse at my sizeable hat collection and actually, these are hats that were given or handed down to me, my mother being a venerable source of hats.  Looking at her collection and mine, I do wonder if being a ‘hat person’ is a genetic thing!

Wide Brimmed Black Hat w/ Satin Bow (my mother’s)

1920’s red hair net (gift from my sister)

Straw Hat w/ Dark Green Grograin Ribbon (the hat I had to wear at primary school)