Though our music interest lie in the same vein, I have never really been caught up with the whole hipster scene, so I rarely ever stop by hipster/scenester heaven site, The Cobrasnake.  The fashion gets a bit samey for me and there’s only so many pictures of people pulling, what I like to call ‘MySpace’ expressions I can take.  However, the latest addition of pictures taken in London and Reading/Leeds music festival have peaked my interest in a few ways.  They feature a lot of pics of the band The Like along with hipster model, Valentine Fillol Cordier (these pics confirm what I already knew – one of the most stylish models around…..) and Kelly Osbourne all hanging out together – a bizarelly cohesive combination.

So what have I observed through my rare Cobrasnake visit?

….that I need to start applying lipstick and wearing my emerald green dress again.  Maybe even do both at the same time!

…..that I’m really loving houdstooth that isn’t the usual black and white like this burgandy neck scarf and I’m also strangely attracted to trompe d’oeil chain prints – on anything! 

……that stirrup socks and slingbacks, a certain kind of leopard print tights REALLY work and like I said before, Valentine Fillol Cordier (right) is a stunning dresser. 

…..that I really want Tennessee’s (of The Like) checked cape with butterfly buttons and I really need to build up my soft subtle metallic dress collection (one is not enough!). 

Last winter it was all about the Victoriana lace-up boots.  This year, lace-up boots get a lot tougher and a bit rough and tumble.  I’m convinced boots are made for stomping this year, not walking.  Yet, even though they’re hard-wearing and ‘gritty’, I still want to set a contrast by pairing them with a silk crepe dress or a trailing tulle skirt.  It’s like the girly girl who thinks she’s tougher because she put on a pair of combat boots but then gives the game away by wearing them with a pretty floral dress.   

Dei Mille Dark Brown Combat Boots £59, Vintage Tan Knee High Campus Boots, Fluxa Midcalf Black Boots £159, Miss L-Fire Saloon Lace-Up Antique Tan Boots £160Ash Farah Black Lace-Up Boots £205, Faith Saon Stone Boots £65, Marc by Marc Jacobs Lace-Up Rubber Soled Boots £355, Carvela Wham Biker Boots £99

The only thing I remember from my trip to Disneyland was the ride ‘It’s a Small World’ because naive child that I was, it made me giddy with happiness that everyone in the world all joined up in one big happy family.  Well, the same thing is about to happen in fashion come December 7th next year.  The Kodak theatre in LA will play host to the gala event of the first ever World Fashion Awards – World Fashion Week 2007.  As well as an awards ceremony which will recognise designers as individuals and representatives of their country, all participating countries will present a united fashion show ‘The Evolution of the Seasons’.  Then a 7 day fashion week will follow that plays out like an ‘Olympic’ style event bringing the international fashion circuit to a close each year.  The following countries are participating:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, U.S.A.
(Bolded Black = Fashion weeks I love keeping up with currently, Bolded Red = Countries which I’m most interested to see at WFW)

If it is indeed going to pan out like a global fashion competition, I wonder who will come out on top, whether it’s the more fashion established countries or the fashion underdogs of the world?  Either way, it’s safe to say I’ll be looking forward to this inaugural event. 

Let the layering games begin!  So, you might have guessed that I’m into layering in a BIG way and it being a trend this winter just gives me an excuse to blab on about it even more.  I showed you my multicoloured, multipatterned box of skirts but what I have been doing a lot lately is layering them over each other because wearing one is just not enough and because I like putting together and constrasting different colours, patterns and textures. 

It’s a fab way of putting two different shapes together like A-line over straight, puff over pencil to produce some wacky effects or if you wanna play it safe, you could put two similarly shaped skirts together so that one peeks out subtly.  It’s also really fun to play with different combinations of colour just to see what you stumble upon.  Just by taking a few photos, I’ve found I really like brown stripes with the yellow silk – a collision of casual and dressy, of preppy and lux.  Hope you guys have fun playing around with skirt combos as well!