The ones that got away….

The ones that got away….

Just when you think you’re being a smart shopper and wait for something to go on sale, it all comes crumbling down as you discover your size is sold out.  Happens to me all the time and I never seem to learn!  I’m gutted I let these Odd & Even shoes slip away from me.  I especially wanted the fabric and leather ones with the butterfly motif The perfect conical heels, the cut out leather, gah!  It hurts just to talk about it!  I did some intensive Googling and came up with nothing about the label.  I even phoned up No-One to enquire about them but they’re in the dark like me.  All they know is that’s a European label which doesn’t really narrow it down.  If anyone is in the know, please take pity on my shoe heart-ache case and send me some info!  This is an official cry for help. 


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  1. nicky

    2006-07-31 at 3:38 PM

    Hi Susie
    I’ve been looking at those shoes for a while now, what a shame they’ve sold out… I feel your pain!
    I’m pretty sure that Labour of Love in Islington also stock Odd & Even shoes. Not those designs sadly (as far as I know), but maybe they can help you with a contact number? They’re super helpful and lovely in there.

  2. marge

    2006-08-03 at 7:32 PM

    oh goodness, they are so adorable…!

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