Suspend Belief?

Let’s not beat about the bush here.  Tiny Japanese girls seem to be able to get away with the most risque clothing without fear of looking slutty, ridiculous or both.  Will we be seeing these suspenders worn on the streets of London or New York?  Probably not.  But it’s awesome how on the other side of the fashion planet, there exists, girls who can rock this look.  Fashion warrior that I am, even I don’t wish to be mistaken for a streetwalker.   On a more innocent note, I love those woolen shorts the girl on the left is wearing.  Reminds me of the Tao for Comme Des Garcons collection.

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  1. That is definately a pretty badass yet nonsensical outfit there with the wool shorts, stockings, and Wendy’s shirt. I have GOT to find a way to get away with more wacky style without looking like a homeless wingnut! There MUST be a way….

  2. i think it is also that in tokyo for example you can walk around like that with a lot less worry about being harrassed. i always wore crazy things there. no one blinked an eye.

  3. yeah I’ve noted that for quite a while now as I’m a jap mag fanatic, note how fishnet tights are also a fashion staple but wearing them in the UK will no doubtedly get a few looks.

  4. I think the key to keep it fun without veering off into Sluts-ville, is to keep the stockings on the looser/baggier side. These would look great on you I think.

  5. Sisley featured the shorts + suspenders look in their windows in Italy a few months ago. I thought it was cute, but couldn’t decide if I could get away with it in real life. The windows had nylon stockings, but I like it with the wool ones better. More fun, less slutty.

  6. I have been tempted to test this out, but I am afraid that it’ll look too slutty. There’s no reason why it should, really, cause it’s less revealing than when I wear just a short short, which I do all the time. Still, this feels like a line to cross…

  7. Ah! Brilliant! I actually have real problems with my kneesocks falling down + I have a light fetish for suspenders, so now I’ve got no excuse not to try this. Thanks Sus!

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