A friend gave me access to the WGSN website, which for fashion industry types, is basically like a trend analysis site and you get access to mood boards, predicting trends as far forward as A/W07-08.  As I was looking at some of the skirt shapes they had outlined for spring/summer 2007, itr struck me that a skirt I bought yesterday at the Jezebell sample was not too far off the mark. 

WGSN seems to be predicting lots of buttons, knots and more pockets. 

The Future Classics skirt I bought yesterday features…. yup – buttons, pockets and knots.  Quite literally, Future Classics are ahead of their time.  I have always loved them for their easy to wear jersey pieces so I’m quite chuffed with the 30 quid I paid for this navy silk skirt.  I even hiked it up so that it works as a top as well.

The skirt on the right below is from a Hong Kong independent designer which has buttons running up the slit at the back of the skirt and also has huge pockets.  Which leads me to think that some designers are more fashion forward than others so then are some of the more underground designers (like Future Classics) setting the trends (giving WGSN visuals to work with) before the big designers start making the trends mainstream?  Baffling stuff indeed…we shall have to see come September when the spring/summer 2007 RTW shows start….

A few comments have popped both on the blog and in email asking me about how much clothes I have, how do I store them etc.  Well, the ugly truth had to come out.  Clothes, I may have plenty of but my treatment of them is pretty shambolic.  I have been moving back and forth from home so I really haven’t had the chance to get things properly settled in since I am soon moving out anyway.  Then there’s the daily routine of actually putting together an outfit which usually results in a pile of clothes heaped up on the floor.  Yes, I am in fact a clothes mess.  I hope to rectify this problem once I move out and get proper storage but at the moment, my clothes don’t really seem to be getting the TLC they deserve.

Ok, so in my own bedroom, I have a plastic box stowed under my bed which has all my pretty skirts – by pretty, I mean nothing in denim, office-like or any heavy kind of materials like wool or corduroy.  From time to time, I like to fold them up and organise them by pattern and colour which would have made a much better photo than this chaotic mess:

Then we come to the wardrobe which is shared with my sister in her room.  It’s humongous but when shared and sectioned off, it’s not tons of space.  So you see, I don’t really have THAT many clothes!  The blacked out bits are the spaces I occupy. 

The ‘meaty’ part of my wardrobe – i.e. all the rest of my bottoms that aren’t pretty skirts.  So that would be jeans, pants, skirts in thicker materials, shorts and the like. 

Then comes my three drawers.  The first one has all my stripy tops, casual t-shirts, mostly cotton stuff. 

Then comes the dressier stuff, like delicate tops and flimsy things. 

The last drawer has become my oddity drawer, things with unusual cuts, weird holes, funny straps – the avant garde drawer if you will. 

See how I treat my clothes appallingly?  My hanging stuff is crammed into a tiny space by loading one hanger with many many shirts (though I do have different hangers for different types of shirts).  This is where all my long dresses go as well.   

My favourite part of my wadrobe and also the messiest.  The jumper/sweater box.  Always lovely to haul out and sort through when it starts to turn chilly.

Finally, another favourite section which is a top shelf of goodies.  The dramatic corner with the stuff that’s less worn but probably more treasured like one-off dresses.  It’s pretty deep so it’s always fun digging for stuff back there. 

So there it all is, my wardrobe mayhem.  I’m sure I should be reported to some sort of Cruelty against Clothes charity because even I know they deserve better than this!  However, I am hoping it’s more a temporary thing.  One day, I’ll have an impeccably organised wardrobe (‘she says wistfully’). 

As a media planner, I suppose you would call me quite methodical so I like to apply a similar approach to shopping.  Today, I had plan A which was to go to Ghost and try on those high waisted jeans that everyone keeps on harping on about.  I just wanted to see whether I could handle high-waisted skinny jeans well enough to fork over £120 for them but alas when I arrived, all the small sizes had been sold out and there is now a waiting list for them – aha, I should have known that anything that Kate Moss has been seen in will have a wait list – how silly of me! 

So then I had to resort to plan B, which was to go to the sample sale at new-ish boutique Jezebell, tucked away on a pleasantly quiet street (actually, Marylebone is the Queen of pleasant quiet streets).  I really was not expecting much.  I figured they had used the word sample sale to attract more people to come to the store and for these unknowing customer to find that, what Jezebell meant was a normal summer sale – 30-50% off.  Despite the store stocking delish labels like Vena Cava, Phillip Lim, Bi La Li and Karen Walker, the location makes it just that little bit harder for the *can’t be bothered to walk far* people like me. 

Well, I’m glad I put in the leg muscle.  The prices were the sort of thing that you pray for when you go to summer sales but then you end up crestfallen because 30% off a £300 jacket does not a bargain make.  Then there was the presentation itself – gone were messy metal rails and a hotchpotch mix of tops and skirts all knotted up with the hangers and gone was the stress that usually comes with sample sales; when you get stressed out and viscious because some evil kinevil has grabbed the last size 36 and you have to clutch onto your finds for dear life.  Nope, this was like any other pleasant boutique shopping affair with everything colour co-ordinated on neat orderly racks (added to the fact that Jezebell is beautifully decorated).  Staff were friendly, nice and gushing and other patrons smiled at you and commented on your picks (you then feel compelled to return the compliment).  This all equates to what a dream sample sale should be like when women don’t have to resort to cunning shopping war tactics.

(Anglomania, Vena Cava, Camilla Staerk, Loffler Randall S/S06 pics)

Let me go back to the prices which were as I said, unbelievable. Vivienne Westwood and Angolmania skirts slashed to £30-35, jackets (which were SO SO beautiful on) down to £60.  Vena Cava dresses for £50.  Those Loeffler Randall platform sandals that Fashionologie extolled about a while ago were down to £55.  Nicholas Kirkwood, a shoe sculptor in my opinion, down to £55 as well.  We’re not talking about stock knocking around from a few years back either – this was all S/S06 stuff, a lot of which could easily be worn for the next season.  Camilla Staerk for instance, who always features a lot of black had some wonderful black slouchy trousers for £40. 

I am gushing and raving,only because this sale was the best I had encountered this entire year!  Even though I restricted myself to buying only a few things, it was just a pleasure to shop in such an environment, seeing those wonderful clothes at these super reasonable prices (so many postiive adjectives in one sentance but I just can’t help it!).  I forgot to make a mini banner for this sample sale in the events column but GET DOWN THERE tomorrow or on Monday if you are in London!  Address on website and opening hours are 10:30am-6:30pm. 

Here are my spoils.  Thankfully, I didn’t let the prices go to my head and go too crazy but instead, I bought things which I think will see me through at least to end of fall. 

3.1 Phillip Lim denim and satin trench £65 – I have never really bought a coat in denim but the knotted leather buttons, the satin collar and the shade of denim really appealed to me and I like that it can look casual and smart both at the same time.

Richard Nicoll burnished gold linen slouchy trousers £35 – I fell in love with Richard Nicoll’s entire S/S06 line when I saw it so I was glad to pick up a piece.  When I saw them though, they struck me as more of a wintry item than a summery one, which only contributed to my ‘smart’ shopping strategy (helps me justify spending money!).

What the hell is ‘Grurple’ I hear you ask.  Well, mix grey and purple and what do you get?  Some might call it a dark mauve but I like my colours spelt out for me in a juvenile way.  I had a griege (grey and beige) fetish a while ago and now I’m really feeling the grurple.  If purple is groovy and grey is steely then I think grurple is perfect for the upcoming season which sees the revival of grunge.  Ho ho ho, I can’t wait to see the London up-to-minute trendies try and embrace this one.

But back to grurple.  Since grey is supposed to be the colour of the season, I’d rather digress to grurple because I wear grey every freaking season and it’s not such a big colour shock for me.  Plus, I like that it’s purple with some grittiness.  So far, I have two pairs of shoes in grurple but I’m hoping high street stores will start getting grurple happy very soon.  The ones on the left are more like a light grurple that I picked up from Faith for £12 (bless blue cross sales….) and the ones on the right are a pair of Karine Arabian pumps I got a few years back though I still love them to bits.