Techie Me

Hong Kong is a gadget-obsessed place and as much as I don’t conform with the Chinese girl typecast, I am REALLY into my gadgets as well. So much so, sometimes I wear outfits that are inspired by or revolve around my iPod, a special set of headphones (and I have many…..) or a mobile phone (cellpone). My gadgets are practically accessories to my outfits as much as jewellery or handbags.

Timothy Everlast x Oki Ni cream t-shirt, slashed fabric skirt, Tabio navy fishnet socks, navy Keds, black plastic chain necklace holding Panasonic smart 3 in 1 camera

Black slashneck top, 2% sheer tunic w/ metal fasteners at sides, DIY black silk necklace, Martin Margiela black skirt w/ cream satin lining, hole-heeled shoes from AO2 holding 5th gen iPod

Uniqloe brown stripy top, TS Boutique black sequin and satin panelled skirt, brown and green leather velcro spats, Topshop cream patent flats holdng Casio camera.

Black oversized jersey, vintage metallic silver scarf, vintage white patent multi-buckle shoes, design graphic headphones connected to 3rd gen iPod

Little Miss UPS update

>> Just wanted to post a quick note to those who have emailed me about Miss UPS purchases.  If you haven’t heard from me or I have been a little slow with buying your stuff, please bear with me because work is very hectic and my inbox is drowning with emails at the moment.  I’m not ignoring any of you.  I appreciate your patience and once again, apologies! 

Vintage for the newbies

Oasis, a British high street chain store, a few years ago came up with the idea of taking vintage gowns, pieces that their designers found in flea markets in Paris or vintage stores in New York and reproducing them with modern materials.  The concept of this Oasis Vintage is that you can buy vintage design but have all the modern comfort of choosing sizes and having that ‘new garment’ feel.  Now, I really shouldn’t be condoning such a concept seeing as I’m very staunchly into real vintage clothes but I can concede that some people have a problem with vintage because of it’s old lady/musty associations.  Of course, some people just don’t like wearing things that have been worn before so this range is perfect for them.  Plus, from the look of the website, it doesn’t look like a cheap attempt to cash in on the ‘vintage’ trend as each original inspiration garment is hand-sourced and the collection is very small – the descriptions with each garment makes them all the more enticing.  Either way, it’s something to look out for in the summer sales (Oasis sale starts mid-July) and a possibility for people wanting to dip their toes in the vintage pool.

Freya Lace Tulip Dress £130 – Based out on a 1960’s couture-style tulip dress made of heavy cotton lace from a vintage store in Milan. 

Lily Silk Dress £100 – An updated design of a dress found in a London vintage store that has lingerie styling.

Chintz Wool Jacket £95, Chints Wool Trousers £65 – A reworked version of the 1970’s ‘le smoking’ tux suit that’s very slim fitting.

Crochet Babydoll Dress £70 – Directly copied from a 1960’s thick crochet minidress found in New York.

Made Up

Catwalk makeup can be just as integral to the look and feel of a collection as the clothes themselves sometimes and a designer’s involvement in the process of coming up with a look is crucial. In a student show, where the designer singlehandedly makes all the decisions, getting the make-up just right is part and parcel of presenting their final collection. These make-up looks were created by three of the 17 fourth year students that graduated from Antwerp Royal Academy this year. The way each sketch translates to reality is quite wonderful. The dotty lips is particularly breathtaking.

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