Future Vintage?

Future Vintage?

Today, fearing that I might jinx the England v. Ecuador football game (whenever I actually sit down and watch an England match, they either lose or draw so this year, I’m not watching any!), I escaped to the relatively empty Victoria and Albert Museum to see the 60’s Swinging London fashion exhibition.  Watching a 1967 Granada fashion documentary ‘In Gear’, you saw the young and fashionable in London rifling through old Victorian military jackets, Edwardian bloomers and 20’s flapper gear.  It struck me that what they wore as contemporary modern clothing – Biba, Mary Quant, Ossie Clark are now vintage treasures for us 21st century fashion foragers and what people in the 60’s bought as vintage are practically antiques!  A genuine flapper gown in mint vintage would set you back a couple of hundred pounds.  Which makes me think, fast forward 30 years, people are probably going to be rifling through racks of Juicy tracksuits, terrible camoflage combat pants and lots of logoed sportsgear.  What a frightening thought.  At least we get the novelty of 80’s throwbacks (even getting our hands on genuine 50’s and 60’s garments is hard these days!)  It seems as though as time goes on, the quality of vintage deteriorates because the state of clothing manufacture does.  Hand made garments are practically a thing of the past and so I wonder if vintage will reach a crux whereby you’re no longer buying unique, one-off garments but one of many mass-produced copies. 

A dude in the 60’s trying on a Boer war military jacket

What our kids/grandkids will be rummaging for in a bid to look as hip as possible – that is if the vintage ‘trend’ lasts that long.  Oh dear god…..how sad…..


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