Converting your bathing suit….

Now I will be curteous enough to give Sienna Miller enough credit to say she has been a trendsetter and style role model to many people.  I found some of her 2004-05 outfits rather adorable and the girl does look great in ankle boots and miniskirts.  However, of late, I thought she had gone off everyone’s style radar, as more and more people discover she has off days.  This outfit was panned pretty much everywhere by gossip mags and the infamous Go Fug Yourself girls.  Yet lo and behold, a few days later, mysteriously as the weather turned up a notch in London, I saw no less than five girls donning one-piece bathing suits with a mini skirt over it and some casual flip flops.  I felt like I was walking through Copacabana rather than the infinitely more unforgiving suited up part of Holborn in London.

Three of the bathing suits, I recognised as these one-piece cut out suits from yup you guessed it – Topshop!  Whether this heat wave clothing trend was sparked by the Miller effect, I have no idea or that they were all swimming in the morning and decided to just put on a mini-skirt afterwards – who knows!  The point is, my opinion is that that this trend needs to be tread with EXTREME caution.  I’m all for the ‘body is beautiful’ mantra but cut out bathing suits with a tight denim skirt unfortunately produces a kind of squelchy flesh overspill effect which I’m afraid, is just not nice – and looks mighty uncomfortable too!  This seems to be a further development of the one-piece trend which I have embraced a little (found some lovely bodies and leotards which work well as basics with skirts over).  As much as I respect London girls for having the initiative and guts to go for different trends, sometimes, I just have to put my hands up and say ‘No!’. 

Azzollini suit & Gottex Silver bathing suit that MAYBE could work on some level that I have yet to figure out.  The lines are clean and perhaps even ok to layer over a t-shirt.  I have done the bathing suit over shirt thing ONCE in a crazy Susie Styling moment – maybe, just maybe?

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  1. This is a dreadful outfit and it looks like the kind of stuff worn by the ‘models’ in tacky hip hop videos, minus the booty!

  2. i’m glad to hear your take on this outfit. i’m all for individuality and not going with trends but i guess miss miller was really pushing it. i suppose that’s what global warming does to fashion. just kidding. and wow, i guess there really are wannabes eager to embrace her style.

  3. Hi susie_bubble! Sienna’s swim suits is by “Liza Bruce”
    However I’m also hands up this trend back. I think it was back to 80’s, everyone’s put boddies in big shoulder jackets and tight fit mini skirts at the era. Now it goes to casual style? No thanks.

  4. yes the white one on the left could possibly make the style work.
    I guess these London girls you’re specifically referring to are the Bridget Jones type. LOL.

  5. Come on – Sienna looks absolutely gorgeous (and luckily for her she doesn’t have to worry about ‘flesh overspill effect’) in her swimsuit combo. Her outfit is in reality no different or showing more skin than a backless halterneck top with a mini skirt. And it is black, not some crazy floral print. She can totally pull it off – lucky girl.

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