Why take the fun away?

As my mother is advising me to invest in a hefty designer bag that is more apt for my *ahem* professional lifestyle (I highly disagree!) and whilst I have an appreciation for a classic Chanel and I see the merits in a good quality leather bag, I’m also busy browsing FredFlare.com at the cute kitschy bags that I guiltily love.  I have been through so many cutesy canvas totes from the age of 12 to the present, buying about 5 or 6 everytime I go to Hong Kong or Japan (masters of the cute/kitsch tote!) and yet even though they don’t last me, I still love them.  Perhaps my bag-mentality has not yet caught up with my real age.  In the meantime, I’m content with scruffy canvas totes with biro marks and fraying edges. 

3 Replies to “Why take the fun away?”

  1. Ah…so adorable!!!I like the anchor duffel bag and the ipod cases from the site!! YOu know so many good online sites and thanks for sharing =)
    oh hey,have u ever order anything from that site before? I wanna get quite a few stuff cause they are perfect for birthday gifts!
    Will i get Tax and how much is the shipping fees?

  2. i like that red carryall. i forget the brand but they generally make cute stuff. i have a bazillion fabric bags as well. it’s one of my many addictions/”collections.” i guess it just depends what you are carrying as well..

  3. i’m so with you on this one. i could never wear a bag with a padlock on it. or some other ugly must have bag from some catwalk show.

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