Underwater Love

Underwater Love

I don’t know easy it is to immerse yourself in water and still photograph beautifully but Keira Knightley seems to have done a pretty good job.  I know nay-sayers will find her pouting ridiculously annoying but I still think she’s extraordinarily beautiful and even though she’s taken some quite awful pictures (Wizard of Oz US Vogue editorial?), these pictures are stunning.  I especially love the Jenny Packham nude dress she’s wearing.  These pics are also for a good cause.  They were taken as a part of a campaign for WaterAid, promoting safe domestic water and sanitation in Africa and Asia.  Photographed by Candice, specialists of underwater photography (their portfolio is also pretty amazing considering the logsitics!).      


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  1. eurobrat

    2006-05-30 at 9:36 PM

    I agree that the Oz editorial was awful- love Keira though.
    I also love that Jenny Packham nude dress. It looks amazing underwater- like a mermaid gown.

  2. Aldert

    2007-07-30 at 1:36 AM

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