Too crazy for me?

Today, I sneakily went out during my lunch hour to the Antoni & Alison sample sale having been enticed by the line ‘Everything £20 and under!’ in the Time Out ad (clothing £20 and under are few and far between in a place like London…..).  For those that aren’t familiar with Antoni & Alison, they’re primarily artists/photographers, Antoni Burakowski and Alison Roberts, who incorporate their work into their clothing, injecting a lot of British humour and wit into their design.  The clothes are like a less refined,more rough-edged version of Bernhard Willhelm or Peter Jensen.  I think you get the idea with the montage of their collections here – it’s loud and bright with a purpose, with lots of cheeky slogans and photographic imagery.  Frankly, it’s not my cup of tea and I had to REALLY rifle through the racks to find something wearable.  I’m not really into clothes that are just there to make a statement and nothing else – all snap, crackle and pop but no substance.  I appreciate humour in clothes but only up to the point where I can laugh about it AND wear it simultaenously.  Visionaries they may be, but functional designers they are not.  I suppose this is their draw but unfortunately, it hasn’t reeled me in.  The one thing I bought was so plain looking with no A&A stamp on it, that it only confirmed my non-conversion to A&A.  Is anyone here a fan?          

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  1. I like what you’re wearing in the photo! Plain or boring they may seem separately, together the skirt has just the right amount of sheen and volume and the vest the amount of looseness to make the outfit relaxed and laidback and even sort of romatic. Me thinkth I like it a lot.

  2. I went past their shop on the bus and saw the signs for the sale – I was thinking of popping along, but it doesn’t sound quite my cup of tea either. Great skirt though! Is it still on tonight?

  3. Yes, the sale will end on Sunday I think. I think if you rifle enough, there are some cute things. Also, things seem to look worse on the rack than it does when it’s on because I saw people trying on the most ridiculous looking things but they looked great on!

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