Sickening love…

Now I know, some couples like to colour-coordinate their outfits before going out to a party or even wear wears styles in similar vein.  Like emo and indie kids or maybe rich Italians who like to wear matching labels.  But would you ever try and dress your boyfriend up like this:

My colleague took one look at this and said ‘Id shoot myself before I get caught in that s***.’  I’m not so extreme because if you can rock it, I say rock it.  I can’t say I’m a fan of the menswear looks though – it’s all a bit like the 1920’s tennis dandy look taken WAAAY too far.  Love love love the girls looks though.  It’s all from Matthew Ames, an ex Antwerp Academy student who worked in New York for Narciso Rodriguez.  I’m not entirely sure where his stuff is stocked but I’ll be sure to find out because it’s the sort of easy-breezy stuff that you’d get a lot of wear out of in the sun.  I especially love this dress below – the right amount of crochet, the right shade of cream and some cute buttons to boot! 

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  1. There’s no way I’d dress my boyfriend in that! I mean, I’m sure the clothes are lovely and all, but it’s not his style, and not the style I like to see him in 😉

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