Let’s play nice now….

It seems, my critics are after my blood again following my DIY dress day yesterday.  So now I want to make a couple of things CRYSTAL clear because people are either misunderstanding my intentions with Style Bubble or are miunderstanding me!

1) I am very happily employed in digital advertising.  I have NO intentions of pursuing a career in fashion journalism/styling as a full time-career.  I’m not trying to worm my way into Vogue House or anything of the sort!

2) Any styling/writing work I undertake is purely voluntary and done during my leisure time.

3) My reason in writing this blog is to take my interest in fashion and get something from it – an end product as it were.  It’s my way of culminating all my ideas, thoughts and findings that I constantly have.  Prior to blogging, it was literally a Muji notepad and contributions to forums. 

4) If my writing style is not deemed professional enough, this is because I’m NOT a fashion journalist and have no intentions of becoming one (as Lol B pointed out)  Ergo, why would I write like one?  I’m also very visual with my blog so I’m not exactly going to be writing theses that would bore you to tears anyway. 

5) Finally, ye critics take the time to leave comments on my blog which is frankly a waste of your precious pro-journo time.  A better alternative would just be to close the browser if you accidentally stumble onto my page.  If you do intentionally come here to check up on what mistakes I’m making on my ‘inconsequentional’ blog, then I can’t feel anything but pity for you.

I don’t want to have to start deleting comments or blocking anyone because like phantom critic said – the internet is a democratic place, and I welcome difference in opinions.  But if you just start ragging on me randomly, I will just block your IP address as Orchide suggested.  By the by, with some nerdy sleuthing, said critic’s IP address does INDEED reveal him/her to be working at a London magazine – which one, I can’t say, but honestly, anymore pointless comments, and I will have to get in touch in person!   

(An apt self-affirming illustration – by Zurich29 from Amelias Magazine) 

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  1. Just ignore the negatives! I really enjoy reading as and when I can and would love you to keep up the good work!

  2. “If you do intentionally come here to check up on what mistakes I’m making on my ‘inconsequentional’ blog, then I can’t feel anything but pity for you”
    precisely! you’re doing a great job Susie, I adore your blog.

  3. Good god, it’s not like you ever touted yourself as an expert or claimed to try and use your blog for anything other than entertainment and creative output. The critics need to relax, for all they know you’re blogging for yourself and don’t want or invite outside readers. It’s like getting annoyed if a person doesn’t spell check their own diary. Get over it a.!

  4. What a bizarre critic ‘a’ is! I’m guessing a low-level staffer at a mid-level magazine, who is a little too old for his/her position, and is panicking a bit about his/her career…

  5. I’ve been reading your blog since day 1 and I have always enjoyed reading it, so don’t feel you have to change to please people like that. I also don’t understand if ‘a’ hates your blog so much why does he/she keep coming back to read it?

  6. “anymore pointless comments, and I will have to get in touch in person!”
    oh susie, don’t waste your precious time! make more dresses instead 😉

  7. I have a feeling a.’s comments were based on the assumption that your interests lie in fashion journalism. Looking at them objectively, I don’t think they were meant to be hurtful though they were a bit harsh.
    The dress you made was lovely! I hope this post keeps negativity at bay.

  8. ever since i found your blog, i read it daily! your blog rocks and don’t let a jeaulous critic doubt you.

  9. it’s ok susie, don’t let this bring you down because your blog rocks! thanks for spending so much time into it!

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I am totally behind you! I think your blog is stylish, young and very informative… As a closet fashion junkie, I love all the looks you pull together! And I find your DIY projects inspiring and uplifting. Keep doing what you do best – and ignor the nay-sayers… Best to you!

  11. susie, your blog is great! your personality and taste really shine through. with the internet, you’re always going to get haters who take advantage of the anonymity to put out snark and insults, but i hope you don’t let them get you down!

  12. Susie — I’ve been reading your blog for a long while now, never commented but now I feel prompted to say that I really do enjoy checking your blog often. I love your ideas/inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  13. i’ve got a journalism degree and your blog is my favorite! any “journalist” would have taken the time to get his or her facts straight before assuming anything. just shows how stupid other people are. probably just jealous their blog isn’t doing as well 🙂

  14. Susie, your blog, professional or no, is one of the most informative, intelligent and fun examples of fashion blogging out there. I absolutely love what you do and admire you passion, so please don’t take any notice of jealous critics – I’d really miss you if you were gone!

  15. susie, look at all these comments! you friggen rock! ever since i stumbled upon your stylediary, i’ve been hooked. you’ve inspired sooo many of my outfits, so dont ever stop doing whatever makes you happy hun! much love <3

  16. Hey, you are probably so over this already, but just wanted to pipe in with more support. You have great taste and your blog is an excellent visual expression of your obsession. It’s also fun to read.

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