Just pull em' down a little….

Footless tights are rife in the streets of London.  They’re selling them by the truckload everyday at Topshop, New Look.  People are cutting up their tights in a frenzy.  I don’t want to start claiming trends but I swear to god, when I wore leggings and footless tights (actually tights that were cut up because back in 2002 – you couldn’t buy them pre-cut!) under skirts and dresses, people looked at me like crazy.  In fact, I distinctly remember seeing it on a girl in Hong Kong (in Japan and HK, this "trend" is actually a staple look) back in 2001 which is what inspired me.  At present, I wouldn’t say I’m ‘over’ it because I see it as more of a staple look too.  But nowadays, I like to pull the tights down a bit so that it covers half the foot.  I know it’s a very subtle change but somehow it makes more sense to me.  It a) makes your legs look longer (footless tights unfortunately don’t really do stumpy legs any favours…) and b) gels with whatever shoes you’re wearing.  It’s the same principle with leggings with stirups (remember those?).  I think it’s a very simple and effective variation on the usual mid-calf look. 


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  1. susie,
    it was the same for me here in toronto. i started wearing leggings back in early 2003 after a trip through europe and everyone looked at me as if i had come back from mars instead. now, of course, everyone is wearing them and i feel a little bit justified in my sartorial choices. although, i feel as if i have to start wearing something new just to throw some people off….
    love what you’re doing, by the way.

  2. yeah same here about the leggings >,< i've been wearing them since i bought my first jap mag in HK years ago and then it became "trendy" and i had a stubborn fashion moment when I refused to wear them lol but now I wear them again~ they really are too much of a staple and I'm not brave enough to walk around barelegged in chilly Northern Ireland.

  3. If you like tights that can transition from mid-calf to footless to half-footed to normal, you should buy some transition (also called convertible) tights at a dance shop. They have holes at the bottom so you can get to your foot when wearing tights. I like to recycle my old ballet tights into my current wardrobe. I frequently wear my tights like you have pictured, but sadly most people look confused rather than enamored.

  4. At dance supply shops, you can actually still buy stirrup tights. I got some for ballet, and then realized that they were fabulous to wear with ballet flats outside of class, too. You should give it a try! Dance tights last a long while, too.

  5. aha. i totally slept on the whole tight thing and its only now that i am pissed off with the danish ‘spring’, i am contemplating the footless tight thing.
    having treetrunk legs doesn’t help but i may play around with them yanked down a bit and see what happens.

  6. I started wearing leggings about two years ago. Most people looked at me like I was crazy. I’m glad the trend is finally catching on, but I want to be like, “told ya so.”

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