Countdown to Antwerp

I’m taking a well-deserved break from London adland madness on 14th June (but my Apple laptop is coming with me *wink wink*) and off to Antwerp I go for some fashion immersion.  My days are packed – I will be catching Sofia Coppola’s Maria Antoinette because it comes out on the 24th in Belgium and France (no doubt, I’ll be blogging about it tons for those that can’t watch it till Oct!), checking out the Yohji Yamamoto Dreamshop exhibition at MOMU, taking a detour to Rotterdam to see the BLESS retrospective at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and last but not least, watching the Antwerp Hogeschool fashion show 2006.  Seems like it’s a bigger budget event this year round with sponsors like Nokia. 

Added to the show, I’m looking forward to picking up the first issue of +ONE magazine – a collaboration between 17 final year students at the fashion department of the Royal Academy and their world-renowned Belgium counterparts.  It’s the first time that new emerging designers partner up with the big guns of the fashion world so I would be interested to see what the results look like!  It will be distributed at the show in June and then launched in bookstores in Europe in July.  Here are a few taster images: 

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  1. love the one with the finger.. though it’s vulgar it’s artistic all the same. hey i haven’t received your email yet (remember the girl who asked you about shopping in hong kong?), was wondering if my email add confused you, it’s, with 5 ‘i’s at the back. sorry about it.

  2. awww that is so awesome! i really wanted to see that exhibition at momu! and the bless retrospective, nice! try to sneak some pics if you can. also, is it possible for you to pick me up a copy of one? i can paypal you money ahead of time…

  3. Your plans sound very fabulous, and I’m quite jealous! Belgium seems to be “the” place for fashion right now and I’m dying to go to Antwerp.

  4. happy trip, and dont forget to post! i’m such a fan of your musings. haha 😉
    the images tend to look more surrealistic than fashion-y. the last image looks like the cover of A Million Little Pieces, that scary memoir kicked out of the Oprah Book club. i like them though 😉

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