Bex Rox Rocks

Rebecca Manners, an ex-stylist from New York uses an amalgamation of vintage trinkets, stones, found objects with a plethora sources of inspiration – travel, culture and art to create her collection of jewellery – Bex Rox.  This stuff is like a more refined and stremalined version of the stuff that I randomly make sometimes.  Starting from around £100, it certainly isn’t cheap but I suppose carefully articulated jewellery comes at a price these days.

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  1. Reallyy love the first picture! Currently, i’m looking for a necklace like that, you know – with a silk or velvet fabric lies on your neck. A pity, my mom doesn’t let me buy things from a foreign site because the shipping cost to my place (indonesia) is quite a number. Most of the time, the shipping cost is higher than the price of the thing itself

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