About a Guy

Remember the film About a Boy with Hugh Grant?  Remember the kid in that film, the one with the silly bowl haircut and funny wooly hats?  The guy who played him – Nicholas Hoult certainly has grown up…..

From this…..

…..to this.  To call it a dramatic change would be an understatement.  Now at the age of 16, Nicholas Hoult is still acting, most recently he was in the gritty film Kidulthood about urban youth of Notting Hill in London.  These pictures were taken from the latest Citizen K but I’ve seen similar high fashion shoots in quite a few magazines now.  At 6"3, he could easily be a bona fide model. 

Now I am slightly disturbed that I find a 16 year old kid attractive….. *hides in shame*

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  1. Wow! I’ll never think of ‘About A Boy’ in the same way again, and it’s based on my favourite book, such a good story.
    He definitely aged well, and I’m over 18 so you’re not alone!

  2. Holy shiaaaa, what a difference. He certainly came into his own. I feel dirty now, he’s way too young for me to be this *drool* over.

  3. wow – i’m getting old. i had NO idea how long ago that film came out! *shock*
    another huge shock – the kid is ridiculously hot. shock, shock, shock. i’m 10 years older than him! oh dear god.

  4. omg!!!
    this is the same boy with the squeaky voice singing – killing me softly with a tambourine???!
    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! (sorry for the lack of articulation, but give me some slack here… the boy is HOTT!!)

  5. hey, this is tony???? off skins???!!!!! oh dear lord… he puts such thoughts into my head…dirty thoughts…god he’s sooooo phitt…WITH A ‘PH’…ooohhh hes insatiable…ssseexxxxxyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OMG, he’s soo gorgeous!! do you know if he has myspace? or if there’s another way contacting him?
    love, kathie

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