Your First Fashion Moment

Your First Fashion Moment

There was an article from the Times UK a while back noting fashion epiphanies – the moment when you realised fashion would be a significant part of your life.  This is Lily Cole’s:

From the age of six, I was into crimping and backcombing my hair, tearing up my tights and raiding market stalls. My strut may have been reserved just for the house, but this girl liked to think of herself as totally rock’n’roll. The pink polka-dot swimsuit was a favourite, the skirt came from a market stall in Portobello Road and my grandma made the green waistcoat. Unfortunately, I can’t place the shades, but the tights were coutured by my own nimble fingers. My big sister was slightly amused — but more likely irritated — by my precocious indulgence in fantasies and dressing up, and my mum evidently found it entertaining enough to capture it on film. Growing up, we didn’t have television, we rarely listened to music, and my celebrity idols only ever got as rock’n’roll as the Spice Girls. Grease’s Sandy (the bad one in black) is the only influence I can think of.

Unfortunately, my first fashion moment was in no way as cool and fancy as Lily’s.  I was about 10 and everyone in my class wanted to wear bomber jackets and ‘trendy’ baggy black trousers – we called them teenagers’ trousers because our sole goal back then was to be as cool as teenagers.  So blindly, I followed these trends and could not contemplate wearing anything else.  People might say my fashion moment was when I started buying really trendy/different clothes from Hong Kong and buying vintage at the age of about 13/14….. but actually my first real obsession with fashion began in the days of primary school when I realised the power of what you wore and the kudos that went with it.  Fortunately, those trend following days are behind me but it certainly was an epiphany of sorts.

What was your first fashion moment?

(Excuse my bad drawing….but it’s really the hardest thing in the world to find a photo illustrating those horrible 90’s trend items)


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  1. La Principessa

    2006-04-30 at 11:03 PM

    I’m going to go with the moment in sixth grade when I saw the floral print doc martens combat boots, and knew that they had to be mine. . .

  2. beth

    2006-05-03 at 8:53 AM

    I still have those floral docs! And I stil wear them too, on dismal rainy days–they brighten things up.
    (p.s. my moment: age 11 or so, when I couldn’t find the exact style of black dress I wanted at a department store, so I did a sketch of my “ideal dress” in case I ever found it.)

  3. marsha

    2007-03-02 at 2:08 AM

    When I was five, I had this hand-me-down red gingham check dress which I would wear during the holidays because the sight of me in the dress would light up a certain boy’s eyes. Now talk about dressing to attract :p
    (I was one of those kids who refused to wear a dress because of a slight unsavory finish – the waistband was elasticated instead of properly measured and cut.)

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