I did visual merchandising work experience when I was about 16 in Habitat – a British furniture store.  My teacher told me visual merchandising was just a fancy name for stacking shelves and making things look nice.  But when you see what department stores do in their window displays these days, I think the term ‘visual merchandising’ should be elevated to ‘display art director’ or something.  Selfridges in London’s new spring display revolves around using common phrases and interpreting them using their merchandise – phrases like ‘done a runner’, ‘legs turned to jelly’ etc.  (Some are particular only to Britain).

Done a Runner // A Lot On Your Plate

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  1. eurobrat says:

    I’m about to take a course called “Visual Merchandising and Display” at my Fashion School- I love it when shops have creative displays!

  2. Jason Channing says:

    Hi! I thought u might be able to help since you’re into visual merchandising. A friend who works as a visual merchandising account mgr. for a company that designs and fabricates 3-D retail props, displays and fixtures at RetailDisplaysAndProps.com told me about an incredible book he read a couple years back about the industry, trends in visual merchandising, etc. written by Sheila Goddard from NY. I’ve Googled the author’s name until i was blue in the face, but can’t find anything about her or the book. Ever heard of it? Thank you in advance!!!

  3. Larhi Virgo says:

    I’m a visual merchndiser for a young fashion retailer…and I agree it is an art form. We are the talented folks that draw you in to stores and have you wanting to buy everything. It is a gift to some and learned by others…but all and all I love what I do and it makes me proud to hold my title as well as have people be in awe of how something so simple as deimn pants become a masterpiece. Peace and happy merchandising,

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