There is nothing that scares me more than that haunting image of Myra Hindley, one half other of the Moors Murderers who along with Ian Brady, tortured and killed 6 young people in the sixties.  One particular viral media that got sent into our inboxes features Kate Moss and Pete Doherty as the Moors Murderers which quite possibly is the sickest thing I’ve seen ever.  I’m loathed to post a picture of the real Myra and Ian but I thought it would be good for the comparisom – kind of makes my stomach turn actually.  This will go on exhibition at the ICA as part of the ‘Outrageous and Contagious’ exhibition – all about the rude, the hilarious and the random in viral media. 


3189083757 Today, I went to see the film 2004 film Tony Tatakani, directed by Jun Ichikawa.  If you’ve seen it, you’ll probably know why I’m blogging about it.  If you haven’t, then a brief summary is that Tony Takitani has been for the most part living a life of solitude as a technical illustrator but then he meets the beautiful Eiko and is drawn to her because she wears her clothes so well:

"I’ve never met anyone who inhabits her clothes with such obvious relish as you do."

They get married and all is harmonious apart from the fact Eiko spends way too much money on designer clothes, admitting it is an obsession, she feels the need to fill a void in her life by shopping and constantly having new things.  This has fatal consequences in the end and Tony once again needs to fill that void by finding another woman to wear his wife’s room of designer clothes. 

Wonderfully shot, this film is more about isolation and the human condition of loneliness than fashion per se but it does make you look at clothes beyond the material products of a consumer-based society and why do women like Eiko have such strong emotional attachments to the art of dressing.  You can buy the DVD on here or see it in cinema now if you’re in the UK (we’re so slow to get foreign movies!!!).

When you look at a map, it is the most mundane thing in the world, a thing that just helps you get from A to B.  But in the context of a dress – doesn’t it look like the most intricate and personal pattern.  This dress by the French-born artist Elisabeth Lecourt who studied at Central St. Martins and RCA, is part of a working series entitled ‘Les Robes Geographiques’.  To date, Lecourt has pressed and ironed 60 of these map garments.  The point of them is that these maps take the shapes of clothing to represent the wearer’s habitat and identity.  Of course they aren’t made to be worn but rather, hung as pieces of art but hey, anyone out there should really think about making ACTUAL dresses like this – I’d be the first to buy one!  In fact….this has given me ideas for a DIY project (I should be posting more about those but these days, the only thing I have time to DIY are ramen noodles). 

You can buy this last Mapquest dress for a whoooping £1200 here but hey – it’s ART!

Ever since I got my Paypal account back in 2002, I have been a staunch eBayer ever since.  Literally, the beauty of it is that searching for something completely obscure and random will certainly turn up the most fabulous things.  The thrill of an eBay experience is biting your nails whilst the last few minutes tick away and finding out you have won yourself a bargain in the truest sense (I have won things at 0.01p!!).  Another man’s trash is Susie’s treasure! 

So, I’m going to be styling away with the wonderful resources of eBay and bringing them to your attention.  Sorry about the messy cutting and pasting but you get the idea!  At the moment, I’m very much feeling navy and taupe/cream colours mixed with a zingy bit of white.  Here’s what I think would be cool as, if you managed to bid successfully:

Navy Floppy Hat, Cream Charmaine Lace Drop Dress, Greek Folk Waistcoat, Vintage Levis Skinny Jeans, Brown Slouch Boots, Brown Leather Tote with Wooden Handles.

Cream Leather Cape, Navy Dress with Lace Appliques, Cotton Crochet Skirt, White Oxford Jazz Shoes, German Silver Chainmail Purse

White Beret, Cream Angel Sleeve Top, Sixties Navy Bathing Suit, Grey Mexican Skirt, Navy Open Toed Sandals