Lulamag I’m contemplating a dramatic blunt haircut – I want a blunt straight edged fringe and I also wanna try and make my hair one length again.  At the moment it’s just a shaggy mess with a shaggy fringe but I kind of want to neaten up a little and go for a very dramatic look.  I’m still at two minds about it but everytime I see pictures of cuts like the one pictured left, I just have hair jealousy.  I think I’ll take the plunge since if it looks horrible, I can always ask them to shag it up once more!

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  1. Else says:

    I love your blog! And I have that exact haircut, down to the color and everything, only my hair is a bit longer. I can really recommend it, though it may depend on what suits you. But you can just ask your hairdresser if he/she thinks it would work for you. Good luck and keep up the great work with your blog!

  2. orchide says:

    heehee- well, don’t go over to tarnishedlady blog b/c I will definitely sway you. I have my posts of being obsessed with Irina and her bangs and a tribute to silent star Anna May Wong with her fab do and finally, I crumbled and got mine chopped earlier this week. I love it:)
    You are a doll now but I can see how extra styley and adorable you would be with a thick intentional fringe…go for it I say!
    I put up a piccie on tFS in the photo thread if you wanna see.
    Do post a picture if you do.

  3. Diana says:

    I’m not sure what your hair looks like now, but just make sure you like having bangs in your face all the time. I’ve never liked hair in my face, but when I saw Nicole Richie’s new cute bob (a year or so ago), I decided I HAVE to have it. Now, I’m trying to grow my bangs out so I can keep them out of my face…lol. Sure, it looked cute, but I guess I’m just not a “bangs” person….but maybe you are?
    And you don’t like James Blunt? My roomie just got his CD and I thought the songs I heard were pretty good.
    🙂 Diana

  4. grace says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a blunt cut too, a la Cat Power. My hairstylist ruined my hair and I’m now traumatized by layered haircuts. My face isn’t bang friendly though 🙁

  5. ha says:

    james blunt is not bad.

  6. susie_bubble says:

    Sorry if I’m offending any fans here but I find Blunt’s music very mediocre…… I also don’t like the fact that his rise to the top was aided by a clever and strategic PR campaign….

  7. Agathe says:

    I agree with you on James Blunt – I never got the deal with him…

  8. Josh says:

    james blunt has got to be the most boring songwriter in existance, exactly, mediocre.

  9. poetess says:

    I’m sure you do think he’s boring. He has something intelligent to say and says it very well that’s probably very hard for you. Get a dictionary for Christmas and have some fun!

  10. Janae says:

    anger issues anyone?

  11. TereBeero says:

    What is bumburbia?

  12. yaport says:

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  16. I agree James Blunt is ‘O so bad!

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