I did visual merchandising work experience when I was about 16 in Habitat – a British furniture store.  My teacher told me visual merchandising was just a fancy name for stacking shelves and making things look nice.  But when you see what department stores do in their window displays these days, I think the term ‘visual merchandising’ should be elevated to ‘display art director’ or something.  Selfridges in London’s new spring display revolves around using common phrases and interpreting them using their merchandise – phrases like ‘done a runner’, ‘legs turned to jelly’ etc.  (Some are particular only to Britain).

Done a Runner // A Lot On Your Plate

There was an article from the Times UK a while back noting fashion epiphanies – the moment when you realised fashion would be a significant part of your life.  This is Lily Cole’s:

From the age of six, I was into crimping and backcombing my hair, tearing up my tights and raiding market stalls. My strut may have been reserved just for the house, but this girl liked to think of herself as totally rock’n’roll. The pink polka-dot swimsuit was a favourite, the skirt came from a market stall in Portobello Road and my grandma made the green waistcoat. Unfortunately, I can’t place the shades, but the tights were coutured by my own nimble fingers. My big sister was slightly amused — but more likely irritated — by my precocious indulgence in fantasies and dressing up, and my mum evidently found it entertaining enough to capture it on film. Growing up, we didn’t have television, we rarely listened to music, and my celebrity idols only ever got as rock’n’roll as the Spice Girls. Grease’s Sandy (the bad one in black) is the only influence I can think of.

Unfortunately, my first fashion moment was in no way as cool and fancy as Lily’s.  I was about 10 and everyone in my class wanted to wear bomber jackets and ‘trendy’ baggy black trousers – we called them teenagers’ trousers because our sole goal back then was to be as cool as teenagers.  So blindly, I followed these trends and could not contemplate wearing anything else.  People might say my fashion moment was when I started buying really trendy/different clothes from Hong Kong and buying vintage at the age of about 13/14….. but actually my first real obsession with fashion began in the days of primary school when I realised the power of what you wore and the kudos that went with it.  Fortunately, those trend following days are behind me but it certainly was an epiphany of sorts.

What was your first fashion moment?

(Excuse my bad drawing….but it’s really the hardest thing in the world to find a photo illustrating those horrible 90’s trend items)

Lulamag I’m contemplating a dramatic blunt haircut – I want a blunt straight edged fringe and I also wanna try and make my hair one length again.  At the moment it’s just a shaggy mess with a shaggy fringe but I kind of want to neaten up a little and go for a very dramatic look.  I’m still at two minds about it but everytime I see pictures of cuts like the one pictured left, I just have hair jealousy.  I think I’ll take the plunge since if it looks horrible, I can always ask them to shag it up once more!

There is nothing that scares me more than that haunting image of Myra Hindley, one half other of the Moors Murderers who along with Ian Brady, tortured and killed 6 young people in the sixties.  One particular viral media that got sent into our inboxes features Kate Moss and Pete Doherty as the Moors Murderers which quite possibly is the sickest thing I’ve seen ever.  I’m loathed to post a picture of the real Myra and Ian but I thought it would be good for the comparisom – kind of makes my stomach turn actually.  This will go on exhibition at the ICA as part of the ‘Outrageous and Contagious’ exhibition – all about the rude, the hilarious and the random in viral media.