Spring/Summer strategy

Ok, so I did say catwalk reports aren’t really gonna be my thing but I have been planning what sort of looks I’m gonna go for this spring/summer.  I’m not one of those anti-trend people who completely ignores the catwalk though I’d like to think I’m not a slave to it either. 

With a lot of tearing up, a little spray mount and a whole lotta catwalk supplements from various Vogues, I came up with a spring/summer trend board.


It’s not a shopping dictatorship just something for me to glance at once in a while and prod myself with notes like ‘Oooh yes, crisp white shirt is much needed!’  Plus it just looks so arty hanging on my wall! 

1) Nude/Blush/Pale Pink – I love this palette, it’s very soothing and refreshing after last summer’s lurid blues/oranges!

2) Lace/Crochet/Eyelet – I’m totally up for a sacharrine summer of fabrics you wore as a kid.

3)Underwear as Outerwear – Can’t say this is something novel for me because I’ve been wearing slips dresses over jeans since…….can’t even remember when!

4) Soft Metallics – I’m on the lookout for anything subtly shimmery like a matt kind of metallic.  Not really after the Christmas tree look. 

5) Florals – They’re great every summer but I’m really into the vintage Liberty/Laura Ashley prints at the moment.   

6) Shirtwaisters – If you hate dresses let the one dress you wear be a shirtwaister because they’re so easy to wear!

7) Tuxedos – The hardest look for me to pull off but I’m enamoured by this look!  It’s the ‘don’t give a s***’ cool factor that I love. 

8) Jewel Tones – These are remnants of colour from last summer but this time it’s richer and more deep hued – emeralds, dark sapphire, mustards, rich rubies.  Can’t resist shots of these colours.

9) Ruffles/Drapes – I’m a complete sucker for detailing like this so again, nothing new for me!

10) School girl – I’ve always thought the tie on a girl look was a bit Avril/faux emo but I was inspired when I saw it on the catwalk.  I would wear one with very crisp shirts and maybe a silk pencil skirt – excellent for the office!

11) Stripes and Checks – Pattern is good and anyone who has seen my outfits will know that stripes are my best friend!

12) Utility – Definitely loving these nifty details – braces and pockets on anything is good.

13) Futuristic/Space Age – I definitely want to venture into the final frontier with odd shapes and unexpected materials. 

**Update**  Click for an enlarged version – as requested by Hye Park Lover! 


6 Replies to “Spring/Summer strategy”

  1. Wowow, awesome mood board Susie! Could you possibly upload a larger version of that for me as I love your ideas and I’m way too bad at grasping trends to do a board of my own….

  2. Thanks for the compliments to the board! With a bit of spray mount and a pile of magazines – it’s amazing what you can knock up.
    Hye Park Lover: I will try to upload thumbnail link to a larger version!

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