Most of you probably all know that Roland Mouret will cease to design under his own name.  According to the Telegraph

On the 30th March (from noon-6pm) and on 31st Friday (from 10am-6pm) current and previous season’s stock will be available at a 50-80 per cent reduction as well as one-off show samples from the archives. They’re all bound to become collectors’ items. Roland Mouret Studio, The Courtyard, 250 Kings Road, SW3; 0207376 5762.

I am SO going to be there just to witness the pandemonium if not to buy anything (though I am tempted….feeling kinda flush post-pay day!). 

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  1. christina says:

    thank you susie for the fast shipment of my shoes from asos/dorothy perkins! i recieved shoes from england in about (or less than) two weeks. i highly recomment susie for any little miss ups services! she is an angel. they all fit wonderfully 🙂

  2. cachou says:

    how lucky you are to have those fantastic sales in town! if you see anything really interesting and cheap (like shoes or dress) let me know. I certainly will be interested! I know you have good taste and you’ll find the best outfit.
    in exchange you’ll get a week end in paris in a lovely flat free card 😉

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